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yatoli said: "bless you and your themes ! ~(>_<~)"

AHAHAHAH oh my thank you <33

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underrogueport said: "Hi there! I really like your themes! I wasn't quite sure based off of your disclaimer though: is it okay to edit your theme if we leave the credit and only make minor changes? I don't want to change anything without being completely sure. Thank you so much, and really, these are fantastic!!!!"

yeah it’s fine you can change anything you want as long as you don’t claim the coding yours when they actually are mine! other than that it’s fine c: 

thank you for warning me first ^^ 

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Anonymous said: "I think your themes are hella rad. I'm a bit sorry you lost interest, but hey, it happens. Stay cool <3"

omggg thank you so soooo much <3333 i am sorry too :cc lol but thanks  really <333333

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fish-bird said: "I just want you to know your themes are beautiful, and I wish I could do something similar when I was 16, and your English is awesome for it not being your first language. That, and your KHR theme is just adorable. <3"

oh my thank you sooooo very much dear <3333 it makes me realy happy!! i’m sure you’ll do things much better than me! you just have to try!! 

thank yoooou <33

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sitzpinklr said: "Your URL is so amazing!"

HAHAH thank you i really like it c:

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denimsandstuds said: "Love your themes! I hope you don't mind, I used your Mokuro theme, I was planning on changing the background and photo but I will definitely keep the credits. Just the images that will be used but, I wanted to ask your permission before I make those variations. If it's okay with you? Your works are really amazing. I can only dream to make one of these."

oh sure suuure, you can change, you just can’t change the codes and claim them in your name, but the background and pics are up to you c: 

thank you so much <3 i’m glad you like it !!! and i’m sure you’ll able to do a better one ^^

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Anonymous said: "How do I put change the picture on the right side on your theme?"

please read this, it applies to all the themes

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psuedopurrloin said: "Hello, I was wondering if it was okay for me to use one of your themes."

sure! as long as you keep the credits c:

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emmauchimaki said: "Hello :D i have a question, sorry if it is very dumb or stupid but how can I turn the page? or is it just one page? i can't find the button to go to the other page :S thank you"

well, first be sure if the endless scrolling box is not checked, if it’s not, please come back, but it would be better if you tell me which theme is

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theflorifant said: "Hello is it through you made a generator rex 'ish theme. If you have would you be able to help me with using it, I'm kinda new to tumblr."

sorry, i’m not sure what you are talking about :c so i won’t be able to help you

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mniemanie said: "Hi, I'm using your first theme for a while and it's awesome, thank you (>^_^)> <(^_^<)"

HAHA thank you! glad that you are enjoying it!

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aling-maliit said: "hey! i wanna use your theme Mukuro-sama #T01 so, i'm gonna borrow it for a while ;) thanks! i promise i'm gonna keep the credits. Toodles (^-^ )"

sure thank you for using c: i hope you enjoy it !