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Hey guys! This mini tutorial concerns transparent images and how to install them. Follow the instructions below and pay attention to my notes for the best results:


  • Place the following code beneath <style type=”text/css”>

.transparent {

 right: 15px; /* increase value to move image left/decrease value to move image right */

bottom: 0px; /* increase value to move image up/decrease value to move image down */

width: 320px; /* increase value to make image larger/decrease value to make image smaller */

height: auto;

position: fixed;

z-index: 99999;


.transparent img {

width: 100%;


note: If you want the image to be on the left side of your page, change ”right” to “left”. If you want the image to be at the top of the page rather than the bottom, then replace “bottom” with “top”. I’ve also written out instructions within the code explaining how to adjust your image’s size and margins.


  • Place the following code directly beneath <body>
<div class=”transparent”><img src=”

note: Make sure that you do not remove the quotations that surround your image url. If an element within your theme shares the div/tag name “transparent”, this tutorial will not work. An easy solution for this is to rename the element. For example, simply add a “1” to the end: “transparent1”, and you should be fine.

bonus: If you want this image to be a link, put this under <body> instead of the previous HTML code:

<a href=”LINK URL"><div class="transparent"><img src="REPLACE-THIS-TEXT-WITH-IMAGE-URL"></div</a>

note: if you want to reveal a title for when you hover over it, place this directly after “LINK URL” :


Thank you for reading and message me if you run into any problems. Source of the image in the tutorial header: x . Have an awesome day!

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Anonymous said: "Um, I used one of your themes. Can I keep it that way? I won't change the credit of the theme."

sure c: as long as you keep the credits it’s fine

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holstsgalaxy said: "Hello! I am using your Luffy theme and it's amazing but it won't show up as two columns."

Hello C: please be sure to enable the two columns option.

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spooky-speri said: "Hello, I wanted to ask if you take requests for themes? :D I couldn't really find information about it on your blog. :o"

SKMOGMÇDL, i wish i would orz but i don’t so reaaally sorry. it’s been a loooong time since i last htmled so i’m not confident abt my themes :c sorry

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Anonymous said: "With your Rin Okumura theme, how did you get that cursor? Also, how did you get it to show him with flames if you put your mouse on certain areas of the theme? Thanks!"

Hello there in this post i teach how to install de cursor and in this post there are the images i used

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violetchi said: "Hey, I'm sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if you knew anything about fixing a sidebar from a certain px away from centered posts? Instead of having it x amount from the left/ right? More specifically on this theme here >> pastebin(.)com/raw(.)php?i=yhE0fBm1"

Hey there! sorry but i would prefer not getting into someone else theme :c

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Anonymous said: "hi! how do i center my text post in your themes? is that even possible? sorry for the trouble (^^V"

i think it is, but it would give me a huge problem so i’m sorry and it’s been a looooong time since i last did anything html related so i’m not confident i can! sorry :c

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hijizos said: "Hello, I'm using one of your themes now :3 It's it possible to make the permalink pages 400px as well (the same size as medium posts)? Thanks in advance~"

Hello! no, it isn’t sorry :c

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yoshi4sushi said: "hi, i just have to trouble. on posting the theme of Chopper. i didn't come out the way the preview is where it has Chopper laying down at top of the page. and when i post theme, the links where it has the options to send a message or ask don't function. how can i fix this?"

Hello! that pic of chopper laying down is actually a post, it’s not part of the theme

and about the messages please be sure your inbox is enabled

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sugoisaku said: "Your themes are amazing!~ :D Credits to you ^-^"

thanks c;

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re-tarts said: "HEEEY NICE THEMES ♥"


they-call-me-grand-master-sass said: "FUCK YEAH! finally followed you. achievement unlocked."

HAHAHA thanks xD how cute lol